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footwear wardrobe of men

Without these footwear wardrobe of men is incomplete

Boys have less choices of clothes as well as shoes as compared to women. Still, there are some footwear that is a must for a man. Today we will discuss some of that footwear. It is very important to have the right pair of shoes with every outfit. A pair

Important footwear for girls in winter

Important footwear for girls in winter

There are so much to wear in winter. The same goes for footwear.  There are so many options available for girls. Today we will discuss some of that footwear. Winters are already here and girls are already worried about their outfits. There are many options for winter wear but you

Science behind the types of footwear

Footwear a girl must have

There are so many footwear options available for women. However, some of them are very important for a girl to own. This footwear can go with every outfit from a suit to a western outfit. We will discuss such types of basic footwear today. Footwear is like the cherry on

Science behind the types of footwear

Science behind the types of footwear

We wear footwear maximum hours of the day. Hence, it must be comfortable to wear. Different types of footwear are made for different tasks. We will talk about such types and science behind those types of footwear. Our feet hold the weight of our whole body. They have to endure

These are the list of the best UK brands for men

The UK is known to produce some of the best clothing and the footwear around. There are some very good British Brands from which you can select. Britain is home to a number of reputed tailors and these include the name of the most reputed tailors which include the bespoke

The best flipflop brands of the UK

These days the flip flops are very much in. You will now no longer have to look for those shoes that you used to wear in the dorm showers. Nor do you have to look for the mill post pedicure footwear. The stylish flip flop brands are extremely popular these

The best footwear brands that are native to Northamptonshire.

Northampton today represents the pinnacle of manufacturing of footwear and style. It has a heritage of over 100 years. There is plenty of oak bark, enough supply of leather from the local cattle market and also ample amount of water for tanning. It is for these reasons that Northamptonshire is

This is how you select the right pair of running shoes

There are numerous choices of shoes at your local store, and finding out the right pair of shoes is certainly not a very easy choice. It is important that you walk out as a satisfied customer. Therefore, it is essential that you buy shoes that fit properly from the heel

Know about the best UK footwear brands

To come up with this list of the trendiest shoes in the UK, there have been several things that have been taken into account. Firstly there was a proper mix of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes were taken into account. These showed you a list of the diverse footwear that

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