Here is a list of the most contemporary British artists


It is not easy to become an urban street artist in the United Kingdom. This is rather quite a dangerous thing. This society is too conservative in regards the art form. In case the spray painters are caught, they might face serious penalties and jail sentences as well.
If you are interested to know about the most contemporary British artists, then going through the below mentioned discussion will help:
Banksy – Harsh Critique Which Granted Him Worldwide Fame
There has been a lot said about the UK based graffiti artist. He is a painter, a film maker and also a political activist. He attracts the attention of the people with his witty but bold satirical street artwork. He started as an outlaw graffiti sprayer on the Bristol walls in the year 1990 and since then he earned a lot of fame world wide. He also became one of the most famous British artists.
The graphiti works of Banksy’s are a wonderful combination of striking images that have been made of spray paint. These have very unique stenciling techniques and also very engaged political slogans. The most common subjects of the urban art include the members of the policemen, the family, children, rats and the apes. These represent the harsh critique of hypocrisy, capitalism and also greed.
Roid: Taking the street art a step further
These are influenced by very strong design elements and his signature style was experimental letter abstractions that was combined with minimal designs. This is influenced very heavily by strong design elements. With each of his new works, the British artist extends his limit of spray painting. He experiments with different set of designs, painting techniques and also various effects. He is a master of the handwritten typography and is one of the most influential artist in the UK today. He uses the color combinations in the most brilliant way and his compositions are dazzling are also executed exceptionally well. Each and every time Roid takes the street art a step further.
Word to Mother – A social observation in life
Word to Mother is an English urban artist. Like others, he also started his career spraying the graffiti on the streets. Later he took up the traditional route. He obtained the school education and during this time, he also studied the illustrations. His layering skills are also quite sophisticated. He paints elaborate pieces of very complex textures, typographies and patterns etc. Word to mother also incorporates some of the discarded materials, and thereby gives them new life. His work is sensual and shows his social observation of life and the environment. It shows very desperate and hopeful images of some of the most emotionally broken people with certain hidden and humorous details that will present an insight into the personal life of the artist. You will also get a glimpse of his inner life set.
If you are really interested in contemporary art, then knowing about these artists will certainly be a good idea.

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