British culture and Society


The United Kingdom is made of 4 countries: Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each of these countries have their unique identity and culture. There are also different regions and cities within each of the countries that again have their unique local identity. It is often believed that the people who belong to the Northern part of England are more direct in comparison to people who belong to the Southern part of England. But you might find these reputations well-deserved, however, it will depend completely on each of the people you meet.

Secular Celebrations

The most important celebrations of the UK include Christmas Day ( 25th December), Boxing Day ( 26th December), New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, the birthday of the Queen on the 2nd Saturday in the month of June. Other celebrations are referred to as the bank holidays: May Day that is celebrated on the 1st of May, then there is the Spring Bank Holiday which is on the last weekend of May and then the summer holiday which is in the last week of August. Mostly the bank holidays take place during the weekends and most of the institutions and businesses closed on the following Monday.


The mother is the most important person in the life of the new born baby and of small children. As per the Employment law allows the mothers to take a break for one year following the birth of their child. This time is given to the mother to take care of their babies.

When mothers get back to work grandparents often try to fill in the gap by taking care of the grandchildren. There are many parents who also put the child in the nursery. It is expected that the girls will dress in pink and play with dolls while the boys are encouraged to dress in blue and play with toys like cars and tractors.


It is true that the British food does not have a very good reputation in the world. There are however, certain traditional foods of the British present as well and these include some traditional beers. Most iconic dishes of the British include fish and chips in the breakfast. The traditional British food mainly center around meat and two veg items. For example the dish will contain beef, pork, chicken or lamb and two types of vegetables along with it. Moreover, Britain is a multicultural country and therefore, you have the option of enjoying food from all parts of the world here. The nation’s favorite dish now is curry and this is a dish that was brought by the migrants from the Indian sub continent.

Knowing about the British culture and society will be immensely helpful if you are planning to visit this place and stay here for some time. There are lots of information available about the British culture and knowing about them thoroughly before visiting this place will be immensely helpful. Without delay, gather some information now.


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