Knowing about the core concepts of the British culture


The United kingdom includes the countries of Great Britain and also Northern Island and also includes Scotland, Wales, England and also Northern Ireland. Each of these constituent nations have distinct identities. They all are united under one monarch and one government. Each have their own parliaments or assemblies in order to make their own laws. Moreover, the people belonging to Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales also speak the same language. They also have the same currency and have certain laws and policies that are also similar.

Class System

The British class system has been a very strong point of stratification in the economic, political as well as social spheres in life. There are also differentiations between the working class and also the middle class. This were referred to as the blue collar and the white color jobs. But today the differences in the class have more to do with the social orientations and the upbringing of the individual.

The majority of the people staying in the UK are often referred to as the middle class. The British society has become comparatively less class conscious. But the class system still continues to become a very integral part  and it continues to shape the belongings of the people.  There are several working class British that might wear the class status as a badge of honor. The elite or the aristocracy of the British Society may also be viewed with resentment or suspicion.

Stoicism and being reserved

The British have earned a lot of reputation for the remaining stoic  and have also maintained a stiff upper lip through very tough times. This has been shaped to a great extent by the hardships and it is also shaped to a great extent during the first and the second world wars and also during the post war period. It is believed that the British society and the nation has been built upon years of hard work. There are also many people who pride themselves on the capacity. to grim and bear it while being diligent and also respectable.


Humour is a very important aspect of the British culture and also communication that is used for being more direct and pointed. Jokes helps in establishing rapport and infidelity. This will also bring the people together over the various differences, introduce the various risky ideas. and also present criticism in the most acceptable way. Most of the topics can also be lightened with good humor. For example, one might find that there are people who poke fun of the British royal family, the politicians, the religion etc. Most of the British humor and sarcasm is subtle and is delivered through dry understatements. It is true that the humor might also seem quite harsh at times. It is also highly recommended that you do not take personal offence to the jokes. If you will not be able to do this, then it might lead to people teasing you continuously.

Knowing about the British culture well in advance will certainly help you.

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