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Music constitute a very important part of the Western Culture. People love to appreciate music in their everyday life. You will come across music in movies, in television etc. Most people love to listen to music for sheer pleasure. Music is thus considered to be an instrument of both social influence and also social change. Music is one of the most powerful forms of communication. It helps in releasing emotions and therefore it can be political, personal and also opportunistic. This can also be self-expressive and has certain therapeutic effects. Pop music is a very important part of the British culture. This represents the multi-cultural nature of Britain. There have been different kinds of British Music that has helped in shaping the British Youth and some of these are given below:

  1. BritPop

This is an alternative Rock and it has a definite British attitude and sensibility. The most important things of BritPop are attractive hook driven choruses. The artists have to prepare the music within certain limitations and the music they make is very much different. Some of the most popular groups are the Blur and the Radiohead.

  1. Glam Rock

This is very much a British phenomenon, a kind of Rock music that was popularized in the year 1970. This approached music with a freaky attitude and a great dress up. It is also distinguished by some wild costumes and also other stage acts of the different performers rather than any particular aspect of the music. The emphasis was mainly put on the superficiality. The antithesis of the music of the Pink Floyd and Genesis was referred to as the art rock by the critics.

  1. Grunge

This is also popular as the Seattle sound and Nirvana is the most popular Grunge group. Nirvana was the tragic American band of the 1980s. With the fusion of punk, it became extremely popular in the United Kingdom. One of the most interesting fact is that Cobain has also been photographed wearing the t-shirts that states that “Grunge is Dead”.

  1. Hip Hop

Originated in NewYork in the year 1970. The MCing Djing youth culture encompasses music, fashion, graffiti art, break dance etc.

  1. Madchester

This is also a substyle of the Britpop and it is defined by a percolating sixteenth-note dance groove and also the chunky guiters. Some of the most popular Madchester bands include Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Charlatans U.K.

  1. Mods

Without writing a page on the ” The Mods and the Rockers”, the writing on the British culture will be incomplete. In the 1960’s the music was divided between the North and the South. The people of London used to dance and wore very smart clothes and they can to be known as the mods or the modernists.

If you are interested to know more about the British culture, you can certainly check out the other music bands popular here. The music and culture of Britain is something that you are bound to like.

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