The best UK women wear brand


Does your wardrobe need an update immediately? If yes, then you can check out the list of the best womenswear brand.

To know about the best women wear brand, you can go through the points mentioned below:

  1. Emma Willis

Emma Willis stays in London and is a shirt maker by profession. She makes luxury shirts and all of these are made in England. In the year 1999, she opened her own shop in Jermyn street on the corner of St. James. In the year 2010, she opened up her historic factory in the center of historic Gloucester. She believes in adhering to the traditional English shirt making techniques where the West Indian Sea Island Cottons and the Luxurious Swiss cottons were used.

  1. Jennifer Anne

This is a UK based Luxury womenwear brand that was exclusively designed for petite women. There has been a lot of research and planning that has gone into both the fit as well as the designing of the clothes. This ensures that petite women will have excellent well fitted tailored clothes, along with classic and elegant clothes. This brand only manufactures quality fabrics that were used and all these clothes are designed and also manufactured in London.

  1. Maquien

This is also an independent British company that is located in the East Riding of Yorkshire. This brand was founded by Vonny Law. It offers stylish and practical garments. These garments are perfect for smart, casual and relaxed wear. These are born in the river banks of Scotland. They are manufactured in England and are sourced solely in Britain.

  1. Monika the Label

This is an eponymous brand that was started by Monika Young. It was born out of a sustainable fashion for the wild hearted girls who liked cool clothes. These are also eco-friendly options. She was fond of Cali-cool and East London grunge.  This brand encourages collections and slow fashions with certain designs that will be in the center of wardrobes for years to come.

  1. Teddy Edward

Teddy Edward offers you with an excellent range of luxury British women wear. Their country to the town collection is completely British. It is also handcrafted with a lot of expertise and care. It has a wonderful mix of the new classics and the most brilliant modern pieces. This collection will surely blend with both your town and country wardrobes.

  1. The Other Label

This is a brand that is inspired by the idea of creating an excellent, beautiful, luxurious, comfortable and quite stylish clothing brand. This will enpower all women. These clothing lines are manufactured in the UK.

  1. Touch of Tweed

This is a coastal clothing brand that focuses mainly on the luxurious country and the coastal clothing brand. Touch of Tweed is British and has taken its inspiration from the great British country side and also the coastal areas. This now combines with the sustainable fabrics and the practices and changes the way people look at fashion.

  1. Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Wolf in sheep’s clothing are famous for the luxury woman wear. The finest materials were used to manufacture the clothes and it offers deliveries to as many as 40 countries across the globe.

These are some of the best brands for women that are famous across the globe.

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