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Bollywood is the second name of struggle. You need to struggle a lot if you want an entry in Bollywood. But the conditions doesn’t apply to you if your relatives or parents are already working in film industry. There are some celebrities who are on top right now. But they have very miserable past life and struggle days. Let’s know more about those celebrities and their struggle stories!

  • Sunny Leone 

Sunny Leone lives in the heart of people right now. She have a huge fan following but a miserable past also. She was a porn star earlier before coming to the Bollywood. Her original name is Sarabjeet Kaur. She did the porn work for many years. Sunny has to do it because of the survival. She has no other choice left at that time. But because of her talent, she got a break in Bollywood movies. With time Sunny becomes the queen of everyone’s heart. A movie on her life was also made. People got to know more about her and start loving her more. She has a very pure heart because she adopted a poor Indian girl. After that actress and her husband have twins by surrogacy. Whatever her past was, now she is living a peaceful life with a happy present. It’s her happy ending.

  • Kangana Ranaut 

Kangana belongs to the small state of Himachal Pradesh. Her family was a little conservative at that time. But the little girl has decided to become the queen of Bollywood. She ran from her house after completing the 12th grade. After that, her struggle period starts in Bombay. She has to struggle for about four years and finally got a chance to enter Bollywood with the movie Gangster. Her first movie was a great hit. After that, she got many chances to prove herself. But somewhere she was lacking behind. She also gets caught in many controversies. Her movie Tanu weds Manu was a great hit. She made a great comeback. Now people call her the queen of Bollywood. Actress has a beautiful mansion at Manali and are a producer and director as well. She is living a happy present after so many struggle. 

  • Sara Ali Khan 

Don’t be surprise after reading this name. But Sara has her own type of struggle. She use to be somewhere between 80-90 Kgs because of the PCOD. But she loses all the weight and becomes fit now. After that, she enters Bollywood and now growing every year. Losing so much weight within years is not an easy task. It requires lots of sacrifice and hard work. But she did it and proves her worth to Bollywood. It is her type of happy present.

These are the three celebrities of Bollywood who have a very bad past but a happy present now. There are still so many names with their unique stories. In Bollywood, every actor lived their type of struggle.

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