Indian female celebrities who marry extreme rich husbands

Indian female celebrities who marry extreme rich husbands

Indian society is always in favor of marrying the rich husband. Because it will help the woman to live a happy and comfortable life after marriage. We have some of the celebrities of Bollywood who marry 10 times more rich husbands than them. All the males are working in different industries. Let’s discuss those couples and know more about them. See if your favorite couple also belongs to the list or not.

  • Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

Raj Kundra is one of the richest men in Asia. He is a businessman who handles sports and media investments. Apart from this, he made lots of private investments as well. He is also a co-owner of the IPL team Rajasthan Royal. And his last source of earning is the chain of luxurious restaurants. The couple owns a huge chain of luxurious restaurants in Mumbai. His new worth is about 350 million dollars. And if we convert it to Indian currency then it becomes somewhere between Rs.2610 crores. Unfortunately he caught in the brutal pornography films case. Raj spend about two months in Jail and now return back to his home. However, the couple is living a beautiful and lovely life together.

  • Anushka Sharma and Virat Kholi

Both are very strong and powerful name of their respective industries. Anushka Sharma is a Bollywood actress and Virat Kohli is a handsome Indian cricketer. But in case of income Virat Kohli is far away from the actress. His annual income is more than fifty crores. Can you imagine the amount? He earns more than fifty crore Rupees every year. Now they have a very beautiful baby together. Anushka Sharma took a break from her career and now travelling with her husband for cricket matches. They have royal mansion in Bombay as well as their home towns. Anushka is happy with her rich husband.

  • Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja

Sonam is the daughter of legendary Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor and a actress as well. But her acting career is not as bright as her father’s. She marries the businessman Anand and make him the rich husband. He is the owner of Ahuja enterprise. Anand runs many business simultaneously but the main source of earning is his export company. The name of the company is Shahi exports. However, it was reported that the annual turnover of the Shahi export is about 450 million dollars. And if we talk about the net worth of Anand then it is somewhere about 610 million dollars. It seems that Sonam did a great choice in marrying Anand. However, the couple is happy and living peacefully with each other.

These are the two actresses of Bollywood who marry extremely rich husbands from various fields. However, it doesn’t matter how much your other half is earning. It needs love to live together and nothing else. But practically you should earn enough amount to live happily along with the love.

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