Most stylish celebrities of Bollywood in 2021

Most stylish celebrities of Bollywood in 2021

There is no doubt in saying that Bollywood celebrities are the fashion icon. Whatever they wear becomes a trend the next day. Today we will talk about some of the Bollywood celebrities that rule the industry with their fashion.

Bollywood celebrities are the fashion icon of the whole of India. They run the industry with their unique as well as attractive fashion. Surprisingly the uniqueness becomes a favorite among people. Today we will know more about the celebrities whose fashion styles are over the top. From their top to handkerchief everything is fashionable. Check the names from the given list:

  • Sonam Kapoor

No doubt Sonam Kapoor is ruling the industry for so long. She experimented with every possible style of clothes. By doing this she brought a revolution in the fashion industry. She has very good taste in every type of clothing. It reflects in her wedding pieces. Sonam Kapoor chooses elegant Indian wear for her wedding. But with a little twist with every set. In addition to this the sister of Sonam Kapoor is a designer. In addition, both never failed to impress people with their unique styles.

  • Ranvir Singh

Ranvir Singh is the Sonam Kapoor for boys. There is hardly any piece left that he doesn’t try. He even wore a lehenga at different events. From blazers to Kurtis he left nothing to wear. But the personality of Ranvir Singh is so charming that everything suits him. He recently marries Deepika Padukone. The outfit that Ranvir Singh chooses is way more stylish than the outfits of Deepika. He chooses everything from a tuxedo to a churidar kurta. Furthermore, his style is indeed the best style among the Bollywood male celebrity.

  • Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt has joined Bollywood a few years ago. With her talent and cuteness, she already rules every heart of India. Alia Bhatt wears stylish dresses. From Indian wear to western she never fails to impress her fans. She is very bubbly so do her dresses. The dressing sense of Alia is very girly, fresh moreover very comfy too. Additionally she even wears simple dresses in most stylish ways too. Her Instagram is full of fashion and style tips. Alia always does lots of experiments with her hairstyle.

  • Kangana Ranaut

Kangana’s fashion sense has upgraded to the next level in recent years without a doubt. The sarees she wears are next-level beautiful. After Rekha Ji, she is the one to wear the most beautiful sarees in the whole Bollywood industry. Apart from this her airport outfits are also very classy. Not only sarees but she slays in western dresses too. Kangana looks very hot and modern in western dresses. Her hair suits every dress she wears.

These were the top four celebrities that are ruling Bollywood with their fashion. These celebrities are like fashion icons among common people. They love to follow these people. It is Bollywood. Celebrities come and go here. Nothing is permanent. Today these four celebrities are famous. Next day some other will rule the industry. Some stays permanently in fans heart conversely some leaves too early. However it all depends on the efforts and the hard work of the celebrities. Undoubtedly the more experiments they do with their fashion more famous they become.

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