Importance of proper footwear in sports


If you are a sportsperson then probably you know the importance of footwear. It is the most important accessory. Many people often don’t realize the importance of footwear. We must mention every detail of sports footwear.

Is it necessary to wear proper footwear in sports?

Yes, of course. It is very necessary to wear proper footwear during sports. The footwear will be such that it protects you from injury. If you are a cricketer or footballer then you have to wear such footwear which will help you to run properly.

Here are some of the suggestions for you to find the right footwear for you.

  • We will laugh at knowing that our feet sometimes grow in size. Yes, that’s right. So the best time to buy footwear is in the afternoon or evening. At this time, our feet remain large. So, you should measure your feet and go to purchase the footwear. These are not the assumptions. The McKinley Health Center has said all these. If you purchase footwear at another time then after work out you might feel tired. At that time the footwear also might seem to be smaller.
  • While purchasing footwear, look carefully that the heel is not slippery. The sportsman might face problems due to the slippery characteristics. The footwear should not be small. However, if the heel keeps slipping out, then you need to revisit your lacing. Moreover, you might also choose a different shoe. This will help you. But be careful about the heel.
  • When you are checking for the footwear size then check the right socks for you. Always leave half a centimetre from the shoe. It will be helpful for you. Don’t purchase the socks afterwards. Many people make the same mistakes. So the footwear might be right for you. Moreover, it will be best for you as well. 
  • Be careful about the laces. Those should be tight. Sometimes the laces are not tight. It creates problems. Moreover, it will be good if you purchase two to three places. Who knows when you need it. It might happen that you are playing and the laces come out. It is pathetic. 
  • When you will purchase, look whether the shoe is okay for you or not. Don’t sit and select the footwear. It will be problematic for you. Moreover, Bend the shoe to make sure it is not overly flexible as this can indicate a lack of support.
  • Make sure the breathability of the footwear you select matches for running or not  Open mesh assists you cool your feet especially in hot climates. However, you wouldn’t want it if you run on cold winter mornings. 

These are some of the ways by which you can select the size of the footwear.


To sum up we would like to say that selecting proper footwear is very essential. Without it, you might face problems. These are some of the techniques for proper selection. We hope that you have liked the article.

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