Indian fashion tips to look flawless

Indian fashion tips to look flawless

Indian dresses are one of the most beautiful dresses of whole world. Let’s discuss some of the tips to look more stylish and flawless in Indian attire!

Indian cultural dresses are very beautiful to wear. Girls love to wear these dresses for daily wear as well as for occasions. But the problem is that if you don’t wear such dresses properly then you may look old. It gives kind of aunty feeling. However, this can be avoid by using some of tips. We are going to mention the tips that will make you look best in your Indian attire. 

  • Keep the whole outfit balance

It is important to make a balance between your outfit and jewelry. Don’t wear heavy jewelry with heavy outfit until and unless its your wedding. If you wear heavy outfit then wear normal Jewelry. Similarly if the jewelry is heavy then keep the outfit balance. This is the main tip to avoid the aunty look. Same rule goes to the jewelry. Heavy earrings must pair with the simple necklaces and vice versa. If your outfit is perfectly balanced then you may look flawless and beautiful.

  • Footwear is very important 

Footwear is very important to decide the fate of your outfit. Don’t feel that you will wear anything inside your long dress or lehenga Doesn’t matter the length of your dress but the footwear must be perfect. These days juttis are in trend. Even brides prefer wearing juttis with their bridal lehenga You can even go for the heels. Also, different types of Indian attire require different types of footwear. For example, a large one has to wear a lehenga. Pallazo’s suit goes perfectly with the juttis. Long dresses look fine with kolhapuri chappal. Similarly, you first need to figure out what are you wearing and what type of footwear suits it. 

  • Go for pastel colors

Pastel colors are ruling the world nowadays. People like to wear pastel colors instead of bright ones. Also, this is the best option to look more young and stylish. Even brides are choosing pastel outfits instead of the typical red ones. You can wear a pastel lehenga with stone jewelry. It is going to look very attractive. Apart from this pastel suits also look very attractive and beautiful. Same goes to man also. Pastel Indian outfits are more in trend as compare to the bright one. Even Bollywood actresses perfer to wear pastel Indian outfits. 

These are the three tips to slay in Indian fashion. India is a, very vast country and each state has a different attire to wear. All the attire of whole country are very beautiful and unique in their own way. But mostly girls like to wear suit, lehanga and sharara for Indian wear. Whatever you wear it should look flawless and perfect. The above styling tips can help the people a lot. Also look upon your makeup carefully. If makeup is not perfect then perfect dress can look odd.

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