Know about the celebrities who also went to the different business schools.


Are you looking for a business, marketing and an accounting degree? Then let me tell you that you are not alone. There are a number of people including celebrities who are interested in the business degree. If you want to know about the celebrities who have gone to business schools, then you can go through the discussion given below:

  1. John Grisham, Mississippi State University

John Grisham is mainly known for the thriller novels and before attending the university he had worked in several jobs. He attended three different colleges and moved a lot at the time of his education. He also graduated from the Mississippi State University with a degree in accounting. After this Grisham went in to practice law for about 10 years. His writing career finally took off after the publishing of his second book.

  1. Wanda Sykes, Hampton University

She was raised in Washington DC and his mother is a banker and her father worked at the Pentagon. Once you complete high school, Sykes attended Hampton University in Virginia and from here she graduated with a marketing degree. Once she completed her graduation, she worked for the National Security agency as a contract specialist. While she was in this roll she also started performing as a standup comedian. In the year 1992, she moved to the city of NewYork where she started working in a publishing house. She got famous when she opened for her fellow standup comedian Chris Rock. After that she joined the writing team of the Chris Rock Show and became a frequent guest star there. She has also gone to star in several American big screen  and also small screen releases and she was even ranked as one of the 25 most funny people in America.

  1. Eddie Izzard, University of Sheffield

The next unexpected celebrity who attended the business school is the British comedin Eddie Izzard. He was born in Aden in the modern day Yemen. Father of Eddie Izzard was an accountant who work for the British petroleum. After his family moved to the Northern Ireland, his mother passed away. As a result of this Izzard was sent to the boarding school. Izzard first tried his hands on comedy when he was going to the University of Sheffield. This university was ranked 92nd in the QS Masters in Management ranking. He then became friends with Rob Ballard and left the university. He did not complete his degree and his pair with Rob Ballard started gaining a lot of fame in the comedy circuit.

  1. Cate Blanchett, University of Melbourne

She was born and raised in Melbourne and is a multi award winning actress. She is known for her roles in The curious case of Benjamin Button, Elizabeth and the Lord of the Rings. She got interested into acting during her college years. Though she got interested into acting during her college days, she went to study Fine Arts and Economics in the University of Melbourne. Once she completed the degree, she left Australia, to travel the world.



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