Who are the singer celebrities in Bollywood?

Who are the singer celebrities in Bollywood

There are lots of celebrity singers in Bollywood. All of them are ruling the Bollywood industry. Some came from reality shows. While others come from the recommendations of big stars.

The Singer Celebrities Of Bollywood

So many celebrities are there in the Bollywood industry. All of them are trying their luck to get success. However, today we are going to state some of the singer celebrities of Bollywood.

    • Arijit Singh: Arijit Singh is one of the talented singers of Bollywood. He came here from a reality show. He is a versatile singer. Nowadays, almost every director wants to work with him. Whether the movie flops or hits, doesn’t matter. If Arijit Singh is singing in the movie, then it will be a hit.
    • Shreya Ghosal: Shreya Ghosal is really a talented singer. She is from Bengal. Like Arijit Singh, she also came from reality shows. She has sung in several movies of Bengali and Hindi. Everybody says that she has magic in her voice.
    • Rahul Vaidya: Rahul Vaidya is not as famous as Shreya Ghosal and Arijit Singh. However, he had a magical voice. In many movies, he has shown his talent. Everybody praised his talent. He got married recently. He also participates in several reality shows.
    • Zubin Nautiyal: Zubin is another talented singer. Like others, he also came into existence from the reality show. He is a talented person. He was rejected in the reality show. Because according to the judges, his voice was not up to the mark. However, today he is a successful singer. He has sung several songs.
    • Neha Kakkar: How can we forget Neha Kakkar. She also started her singing journey from the reality show. From there, she started her career. She is a talented singer. She mainly sings party songs. Recently, Neha got married. She is happy with her singing career and family life.
    • Monali Thakur: Monali Thakur is a talented singer. She also started her career from the reality show. Now, she is a judge of several reality shows. Her melodious voices attract the audience. She has sung several songs in her career.
    • Sunidhi Chauhan: Sunidhi Chauhan is one of the greatest singers of Bollywood. She started her career when she was young. She has sung several songs till now. The magical part of her voice is that she can sing several types of songs. The songs may be either be romantic or patriotic.
    • Palak Muchhal: People often get confused with Palak’s voice with Shreya Ghosal’s voice. But they are different. Both of them have some magical and charming effects. But their music is entirely different. She also started her career from the reality show. However, Palak is mainly seen in doing social services.


To conclude, we must say that music is one of the existence of our country. Everybody likes to listen to music. We have discussed some of the important musicians of our country. We guess that you have liked our article. Go through the article.

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