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UK is made of four countries- England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Each of these countries have their unique identity and culture and these are protected by the locals. There are different regions and cities in each of the countries and each of them have their own identities. It is believed that the people who belong to the Northern part of England speak more direct and are more outspoken in comparison to the people who belong to the South.

Understanding the British

The people belonging to different countries and regions might be different, however, there are some traits that are common among the Brits. They are mostly reserved people and do not display their emotions. Their privacy is extremely important for them. This may lead some people to believe that they are cold or rude. So this might restrict communications in the public transport. But once you break the ice, you will find that the British people are quite warm and also funny.

Infact humor plays a very important role in the life of the Brits. They specially admire the fact of being able to laugh at one’s self. Their jokes might seem to be self-deprecating, however, that does not mean that they are less confident. The fact is that good manners and politeness is important for them. They also consider it bad to boost about one’s self.

There are many expats, who are of the opinion that you should be able to read between the lines if you want to communicate with the British. There are some who would prefer giving a vague response rather than giving an offensive remark. Therefore, it is important that you listen carefully to find out what they really mean. That is the reason why the British are so fond of small talks specially related to the weather.

Talking about the Weather

The weather of Britain is normally rainy, cold and grey. They have well defined seasons and they have a wide variety in the weather conditions. The long and the cold winters can be quite a challenge for people who are coming from places that have warmer climates. During the spring and the summer season you usually get to enjoy some sunny days. Even when it is summer at its peak, there is a chance of experiencing rain.

UK Economy

When measured in terms of economy, the economy of UK is the 5th largest in the world. There are many expats who want to come to this country because of the high wages and also the high standards of living. These advantages are however not evenly spread among all industries and places.

Work Life Balance

British people normally have a tendency to work for long hours. You will see your colleagues take back work home during the weekends and the evenings. With the presence of the latest communication technologies, some employees may even be expected to stay in touch with their employer constantly. However, many companies are trying to reduce this work pressure and create a work life balance for the employees.


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