What is the actual culture of India?

What is the actual culture of India

India is a vast country with so many cultures. Everybody comes here to see the culture. India has so many states. In every state, there are different cultures. That is the specialty of our country.

Culture of India

India is a colourful country. People from all other areas visit here to see how people of different cultures are working. The different States has different cultural values. However, people of other regions are enjoying the heritage and cultural variety.

    1. West Bengal: West Bengal is on the eastern side of India. The people of West Bengal are highly educated and give value to other cultures. The main festival of West Bengal is Durga Puja. They celebrate it for five days. It is said that Maa Durga comes to her father’s house after killing the demons. People celebrate it wholeheartedly.
    2. Bihar: The people from Bihar celebrate Chhat. It is a religious ceremony where they worship the sun. This is one of the great cultures for Bihar. They fast for three days. Some even don’t drink water either. On these three days, they wear new dresses and worship for the welfare of various people.
    3. Tamil Nadu: The people of Tamil Nadu celebrate Pongal. Pongal is the harvest festival. It generally lasts for four days. The people worship the new rice. Like Chhat, they worship the sun for agriculture. After the prayers and worship, the new rice comes into the market.
    4. Gujrat: Navratri is one of the most important and popular festivals of Gujaratis. People love to celebrate it. The goddess Durga comes in different attire and defeats the demons. This way, they enjoy the Garba and Dandiya. Navratri celebration is enjoyed all over the world but it’s unique from state to state.
    5. Punjab: Punjabis celebrate Baisakhi. It is the new year and celebrated in April. The people prepare several sweet dishes. However, people love to make good relationships with others. They love to celebrate it with different people. Baisakhi is mainly celebrated with music and dances.
    6. Rajasthan: Teej is the most popular festival in Rajasthan. The festival brings several festivities in the aspect of traditional songs and dance. Moreover, the delicious food and worship of Goddess Teej are also there. The people want this festival for the entire month.
    7. Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh has several festivals. But they mainly celebrate Ugadi. The Telugu new year’s eve receives an enormous crowd festivity with a great festive day of celebration. This is the day where people forget all their problems. They all unite with one another.
    8. Maharashtra: Maharashtra is famous for Ganesh Chaturthi. People celebrate this wholeheartedly. All of them wait for it. Moreover, people celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi to ask for the welfare of others. People worship Lord Ganesh.


To sum up we must say that India is a country full of culture. We can bet that you will not find the cultural variations anywhere in the places. So, we can expect that this article will help you to give better knowledge about the culture of India.

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