Know about some of the best British Street Foods


When it comes to the market of food, London knows whats up. When we are talking about the street food, it does not talk about the street foods outside the office buildings. But we are rather talking about the rows of the attractive street foods that are available on stalls. There are a number of surplus brunch spots in London and there are also different places where you get the opportunity to have tea.

If you are interested to know about some of the best British street foods, then you can go through the discussion given below:

  1. British Burrito

No one would want to eat tortillas when you already have Yorkshire pudding. This wrap consists of a large Yorkshire pudding that is first rolled flat and then filled with succulent pieces of roasted beef along with Coleslaw, homemade chips and also a large amount of gravy along with it.

  1. Calentita

This is the national dish of Gibralter. This is a meal that is baked in the oven and looks similar to a flour pizza that has a dark color and does not have any toppings. This dish is always served hot and it consists of water, olive oil, the chickpea flour and also seasonings that include salt and black pepper.

  1. Chips, Cheese and Gravy

This is the National dish of the Manx people. This consists of potato chips that is deeply fried, beef gravy and also Manx cheddar cheese. This dish is available at a number of takeaways of the island. To prepare the dish, first the chips are deeply fried and after that they are topped with the grated cheddar, some gravy and also melt the cheese.

  1. Black Peas

The Black peas are a specialty of the Lancashire and this contains of maple peas that are also served with a lot of malt vinegar. This is a dish that is prepared traditionally and is sold in the month of November. You can serve this dish either hot or cold and this is consumed from a cup.

  1. Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty is a very popular dish that is also a specialty of the Cornwall. This is shaped in the form of letter D or in the form of half moon. This juicy and crispy pastry has a filling of beef along with root vegetables and also seasonings. To achieve the golden color of the pastry, milk glazing and egg wash is also used. The interior has a filling of potatoes, onions, turnips, diced beef, seasonings and the herbs.

  1. Pork Pie

These are one of the favorite dishes of the British since the 1300s. These were made in the kitchen of King Richard. This is made of juicy, seasoned, moist, chopped or minced port, thick, hot water crust pastry and golden pork jelly. These are very popular among the hunters, farmers and also the travelers as these pies are portable.

  1. Fish and Chips

Nothing can be more British than the fish and the chips. This is a National dish that is very popular. It consists of hot, white fish fillet that is freshly fried and also large, sliced and fried potatoes.

If you visit UK, make sure that you atleast try some of these foods that have been mentioned above.



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