What are the new and trendiest chicken recipes?

What are the new and trendiest chicken recipes

Chicken is a love for many people. You can try several chicken recipes. If you have chicken in your house then you don’t have to be tense. The chicken will save your prestige in front of your guest. If you are a non-vegetarian then you must have enjoyed chicken very much.

The New Chicken Recipes

The foodies are chicken lovers. Everybody wants to enjoy chicken whenever they get time. So, today we are going to give you some ideas of utilizing chicken in various ways. Follow the article.

  • Chicken Kasha: How can we forget about chicken kasha. It is the easiest and simple way to cook. You can cook the chicken with all the home ingredients. The best part is that you can eat the chicken kasha with roti as well as rice. It goes well with everything. You must have prepared chicken kasha.
  • Chicken bharta: Another important chicken recipe is chicken bharta. It is very popular across India and the Indian subcontinent. The bharta is mainly prepared with small pieces. Chicken bharta also serves best with rice and paratha. You can prepare it with all the home ingredients. It is tasty.
  • Chicken pakora: One can prepare chicken bharta anytime at home. If all of a sudden a guest comes to your house then you can prepare chicken pakora. It is delicious. You can eat the pakora anytime. Pakora needs less time to prepare. You just need some of the ingredients like potato, cornflour, etc. Prepare and serve it to your guest. We are sure that your guest will like it.
  • Chicken rezala: Chicken rezala is another delicious item. You have to add some curd and spices. This way you can make it special. It doesn’t take much time to prepare. If you wish then you can also add some other items to make it spicy. Chicken rezala is a well-known dish. People prepared it to eat it with rice and parathas.
  • Chilli chicken: Chili chicken is a delicious item. It is actually the main food of China. Chilli chicken goes best with fried rice. However, we eat it with Rotis and chow mein also. It takes a little bit of time to prepare. Moreover, the taste is sweet and sour. People are fond of eating chilli chicken. It requires many ingredients. But the taste is awesome.
  • Honey chicken: Those who are chicken lovers, can try different dishes of chicken. Honey chicken is one of them. The preparation of honey chicken is not difficult. You only need some of the ingredients in your home. After making chilli chicken, just add some honey to the dish. It is served best with parathas and rice.

Final Thoughts

We have given some of the special chicken recipes. You can prepare these at your home. Chicken is the only item that can be kept in your refrigerator for at least three or four days. After that, you can prepare any of the following recipes. All these recipes are very to prepare.

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