What are the quick serving foods to your guests?

What are the quick serving foods to your guests

What will you do if guests all of a sudden come to your house? Every time we don’t have sufficient food in our house. Visiting the market is also not possible. That’s why this article is for you.

How will you serve your guests with your home food?

Guests can come at any time. If you are not prepared for them what will you do? You have to entertain your guests by offering them some food. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the important foods which you can serve your guests instantly.

  • Egg and bread: Almost all of us have eggs and bread in our house. If guests come to your house then start preparing eggs and bread. It will not take your time. Moreover, your guest will like it as well. Take two eggs. Add onion, chilli, salt and turmeric. Mix those. After that, take the bread and pour the mixture of egg into it. After that start frying. The colour should be light brown. Your dish is prepared. You may offer tomato ketchup with it.
  • Potato fry: Potato fry is another delicious and crunchy food to entertain the guests in your house. Take three to four potatoes. Boil and smash them. Add some turmeric, salt, spices, etc. After that fry it. It is so tasty that your guest will love to have it. You can provide tomato sauce to add the taste.

Chicken fry:

Those who are non-vegetarian always possess chicken in their home. So, you can take out the chicken from your fridge. Add some spices like potato, turmeric, salt, chilli powder, onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, etc. We all have these things in our house. Now, make a paste of those and fry it in the frying pan. Your chicken fry is ready. You can serve it with salad or with tomato sauce.

  • Cold coffee: Juice is very common nowadays. You can make cold coffee and serve your guest. For this, you should have coffee and milk at your home. Take cold milk and add coffee and sugar with it. Shake it well in the mixer grinder. After that, you should add some ice to it. The special cold coffee is ready. If you wish then you can add ice cream over it. It will be tastier. Your guest will definitely like it in the summer season.
  • Fried Maggie: Maggie lovers can also try fried Maggie. Cut some vegetables like onion, potato, carrot, beans, and cauliflower. Fry those vegetables along with Maggie. After that add the Maggie masala. Start frying until you get the desired brownish colour. Your fried Maggie is ready. You can serve those to your guest. We are sure that they will like it.


To conclude we would like to state that food is an essential item. Try to impress your guests with these foods. These are tasty. Moreover, it will not take much time. You can easily prepare those. However, you only need few things in your mind to cook.

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