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Science behind the types of footwear

There are so many footwear options available for women. However, some of them are very important for a girl to own. This footwear can go with every outfit from a suit to a western outfit. We will discuss such types of basic footwear today.

Footwear is like the cherry on top of the outfit. You were the most expensive dress but if the footwear doesn’t go well then your outfit may look bland. However, you need to match footwear always. Some basic pairs go perfectly with every outfit. We have discussed such footwear down below:

Footwear’s that match every outfit 

  • A simple white sneaker

A simple white sneaker match every type of western outfit. It can make any outfit look cool, classy, and modern at the same type. You can choose either white sneakers or white ankle-length shoes. Once you get addicted to white pair of sneakers it will be difficult to choose another color. Furthermore, you can wear a white sneaker every season from summer to winter.

  • Flat sandals

Flat sandals are another important pair. You need to pick such a flat sandal that will match every feminine dress. Go for the pair with wide straps. It is in trend these days You can also look for pearls on the straps.  Wide straps look flawless with jeans, suits, and even with shorts. If you are a travel freak then a flat sandal is a must-have for you. These sandals are very comfortable to wear and stylish at the same time.

  • Pump heels

A pair of heels is very important for a girl to own. Pump heels enhance the look of any casual outfit. If you are a working woman then pump heels are a must for you. You can pick a black color because it goes perfectly well with every outfit. Black looks very classy at the same time. You can wear it in any color from white to red. Similarly, you can pick nude color pump heels also. Make sure you choose the nude color that is complementing your skin tone. Skin tone is important to factor in when it comes to nude pairs.

  • Ankle strap footwear 

If you are a woman who often wears dresses then an ankle strap is a must for you. Ankle strap footwear makes any dress looks sexier and very sleeker. These are perfect for summer when you wear short dresses. It also allows the feet to breathe. You can choose either flat or heels with ankle strap. It depends on your choice.

  • Boots

Boots are the perfect footwear for winters. Nothing can compete with the look of boots. These are in trend also. Choose black color boots because it looks very sexy on every outfit. You can wear boots with dresses, pants, and with jeans also. There are different types of boots available. Some come with laces while some come with chains. 

These were the five pairs of footwear that a girl must own. If you have these five footwear’s you don’t need to worry at all. These will match the expectations of each dress. Also, you must choose an appropriate color that matches every outfit. Usually, black and nude colors go perfectly with every color’s outfit.

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