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To come up with this list of the trendiest shoes in the UK, there have been several things that have been taken into account. Firstly there was a proper mix of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes were taken into account. These showed you a list of the diverse footwear that were made in the United Kingdom. Another thing that we took into account were that the brands that were taken into account was the best in class or they have a wonderful design. Moreover, those brands that the British team manufactured and wore themselves were also part of the research. The shoes were all properly tried and tested.

If you are interested to know about some of the trendiest shoes, then going through the below mentioned discussion, will certainly help you:

  1. Cody and Co

This is the new made brand in UK. It is perfect for the discerning gentlemen. They have combined a lot of experience in the foot care industry to manufacture shoes for the modern man. They have drawn inspiration from both the continent and the Britain, progressive designs break with a tradition and also a signal, fluid, fresh and also an area that is driven by sustainability.

  1. Crown Northampton

The Woodford family have some of the best hand made quality British made shoes and boots. This was started in the year 1908. Their factory over the years have become wall renowned for craftsmanship and comfort. A large part of the production are also exported throughout the world. They make use of some of the finest materials that were all sourced from the local leather merchants. They develop, design and also manufacture these shoes by hand.

  1. Billy Tannery

They are the makers of the goat leather goods of the British. They use the waste goat skin in the UK food industry into a wonderful collection of leather goods.  Bill Tannery has worked in collaboration with the Crown Northampton  and have made their dream of making shoes from goat leather come into life.

  1. Celtic and Co

This is also a luxury brand that is made in the UK shoes brand. It is made exclusively of the all natural fibers that is also produced mainly in the UK. These boots and the slippers are iconic and made of the skin of the sheep and are also handcrafted in Newquay by the very talented staff.

  1. Deeasjer

This bespoke luxury shoes are also made in London. They are designed with a lot of passion and are also quite unique. The Deeasjer’s are also customized so as to meet the personality of the customer. These are one of the rarest UK made brands that craft the bespoke shoes by hands in capital. They also offer unrivalled luxury and also attention to the details. They also offer a private label along with a consultancy service. You might want to create a limited edition line or an ongoing collection, this brand can surely help in turning your dream into reality.

The brand that are listed above re undoubtedly the best and if you want to try the trendiest brand in the footwear category in the UK, then this can certainly be the list you can try out from.

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