Science behind the types of footwear

Science behind the types of footwear

We wear footwear maximum hours of the day. Hence, it must be comfortable to wear. Different types of footwear are made for different tasks. We will talk about such types and science behind those types of footwear.

Our feet hold the weight of our whole body. They have to endure many things like dirt, sun, mud, smell, etc. Now it’s our time to think more about our feet. It is important to wear fashionable and modern footwear however it is more important to think about our feet first. We should never adjust with the comfort of our feet. To make our feet more comfortable you should invest in given types of footwear:

Types of footwear important for feet’s health

Motion control footwear

If your foot moves too far in inward motion then these are the footwear made for you. There is a midsole present in the shoe which prevents inward motion. It also lessens the probability of foot injury caused by lots of inward motion. These shoes may also have cushioning, stiff heels, and less flexibility. Cushioning can be tough as well as soft. It depends on the type of soul. Along with the cushioning other factors are equally important to make the shoe motion control.

Stability footwear

If your feet have more arch than footwear with more stability suits you. Stability leads to support. However, this footwear does not give large support as compared to the motion control. The stability is best for the heavy runner. The shoes have more support on the inner side of the shoes. It prevents from the arch collapsing.

Both stability and motion control shoes add support to the feet however there is a major difference between both. The difference is that motion control footwear has more features and stability footwear the simpler type of motion control.

Neutral footwear

As the name suggests neutral shoes don’t have any midsole or mid support and also no side support for the arch. It simple has neutral cushioning which can provide extra compensation while running or walking. The structure is also very symmetrical. The shoes are best who found it difficult to roll their feet inward. It also prevents to take pressure on the outer foot.

These were the three types of footwear that you must consider while buying one next time. Don’t think these are for athletes only. Any common man can buy these types of shoes. Most of the hips and back problems occur because of the wrong footwear selection. If you are also suspecting any health issues then try these shoe types. First, you need to check if you have a normal arch or flat feet. After that, you can decide on the right footwear for you.

There is nothing like perfect or best footwear. Therefore, you must look for the perfect fit first. A perfect fit of the footwear leads to healthy feet. Don’t harm your feet by wearing heels and tight footwear. Once in a while is okay but don’t wear heels on regular basis. It may cause some seriously bad health effects. Always look for your foot health and happiness first.

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