The best footwear brands that are native to Northamptonshire.


Northampton today represents the pinnacle of manufacturing of footwear and style. It has a heritage of over 100 years. There is plenty of oak bark, enough supply of leather from the local cattle market and also ample amount of water for tanning. It is for these reasons that Northamptonshire is considered to be the best place for food manufacturing.

If you are interested to know about the best British shoe brands, you can go through the discussion given below:

  1. Barker

This bran was founded in the year 1880 and these shoes have been in the English tradition for more than 135 years now. This brand uses leathers that are selected carefully and the uppers are shaped by the hand. Even today, Barker remains true to the traditional manufacturing practices. This also includes slow natural dying and also polishing.

  1. Cheaney

This was established by Joseph Cheaney in the year 1886. Then in the year 1896 he along with his brother Arthur moved to the site and the factory even today occupies this. Originally the shoes that Cheaney made were white label. These were meant for some of the best retailers across the world, each of which adapted to the individual requirements of the company. Then it was the grandson of the founder, who realized the fact that the company needed to manufacture their own brand. Finally in the year 1964, Church’s English shoes purchased Cheaney. This meant that the brand now became available to the retailers throughout the world. In the year 2009, this company was bought by William and Jonathan. They have been manufacturing shoes of the highest quality for the next 5 generations.

  1. Church’s

This is a brand that was founded in the year 1873 by Thomas Church along with his three sons. In the year 1990, the brand went under the control of Prada. They bought 83% share of the company at $170 million. Later Prada sold off 45% stake to the Equinox which is again a private equity firm. The factory of the company even today is there in the St. James area, Northampton. They have a production capacity of as much as 5000 pairs of shoes per week. There has been no change in the level of the quality that this company produced in the year 1873.

  1. Crockett & Jones

This was founded in the year 1879 and it has produced some of the best footwear from the factory in Northampton. Even till today, this business is owned and also managed by the company that founded it. The owners have always remained very true to the quality and also the timeless style. They are the favorite brand of Ape.

  1. Edward Green

One of the most expensive brands in this list is Edward Green. It justifies it price because it is made by hand and the world’s best leathers are being used to manufacture it. This is honed and also crafted with a lot of acute attention. Each pair of the shoes represent timeless elegance of the English style.

If you are interested to buy one of the best shoes then opting for any of the above mentioned brands will certainly be a good idea.


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