These are the list of the best UK brands for men


The UK is known to produce some of the best clothing and the footwear around. There are some very good British Brands from which you can select. Britain is home to a number of reputed tailors and these include the name of the most reputed tailors which include the bespoke tailoring of the Savile Row and also the historic shoemakers of Northampton, the expert shirt making on the Jernyn street etc.

If you are interested to know about some of the most famous UK Brands then you can go through the points mentioned below:

  1. Barbour

If you are thinking about the British countryside, you need to think of Barbour. The North East outerwear brand has crafted some of the weather proof and most durable jackets for more than a century. While continuously making these jackets, they have become experts in this.  Here, you can expect some practical features, traditional styling and plenty of waxed cotton.

  1. Baracuta

Elvis Presley wore the G9 Harrington jacket for the first time in the year 1958. It was then that this tiny Mancunian brand became a global fashion spotlight. That brand was referred to as Baracuta. Today this is the brand that is the creator of some of the coolest jackets that have been ever made. This is an out and out British brand and any style conscious man would be interested in buying this brand.

  1. Oliver Spencer

This is a tangible proof that says that tailoring does not always have to be uptight. You will get everything here starting from the humble beginnings as a market stand on Portobello Road, London. This is quite a name in the market. You will get some daily apparels that are comfortable to wear and have a laid back and a contemporary feel. This is a brand that has become famous for the smart casuals.

  1. Belstaff

In the year 1924 Staffordshire manufactured some waterproof motor cycle jackets. This was made from waxed cotton. Since then this jacket has been found on everyone starting from the Pope to the McQueen. Today, this range also includes some of the best leather options. The classic belted trialmaster jacket is still the most iconic silhouette of this brand.

  1. Paul Smith

In case, you receive a knighthood for the work, then you must be surely doing something right. Sir Paul Smith is today described as the nonconformist of the British menswear. The garments of the designers are known because they combine some of the best tailoring traits with the dash of the unusual. These often manifest themselves in the form of eye catching motives or colorful stripes. If you are looking to get traditional English menswear, then there is no other brand that can be compared to this particular brand.

  1. Burberry

Britain also has a good share of suiting brands. But it does not have haute couture so much. Burberry is a historic high fashion house.  This brand is known for some of the best beige trench coats and also the iconic check patterns.

If you really want to look stylish, you can certainly try one of these brands. You are sure to love them. People will for sure find you stylish.

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