This is how you select the right pair of running shoes


There are numerous choices of shoes at your local store, and finding out the right pair of shoes is certainly not a very easy choice. It is important that you walk out as a satisfied customer. Therefore, it is essential that you buy shoes that fit properly from the heel to the toe. This should also feel quite comfortable when you are running regularly.

The same applies when you are shopping online also. Most of the retailers will provide you with a trial period. During this period you can lace up the shoes and go for a test run. Always double check the return policy. Also make sure that you always keep the box with you.

Before, you start trying the new shoes, it is helpful for you to know all the important details of the thing that will be there with you for the next hundred miles. There are also certain things that you should know at the time of buying the shoes. You will first have to take a look at your favorite shoes. You can select anything starting from the one that is the most cushioned to the best shoes for the trails.

If you are interested to know about some of the best running shoes, then you can go through the discussion below:

  1. Shoe Anatomy 101

Before you start, it is important for you to check the objective of each element of the running shoes. You will have to know how even the slightest difference can make a lot of difference. There are certain important elements that you should know.

  1. Upper

This is everything above the solo. This is traditionally made with many layers of fabrics and mesh sewn and glued together. The modern model of these shoes also use 3D printing and knitting in order to create one piece uppers. These stretch and support in the appropriate places. You should look for an upper that has a shape similar to your foot and is also quite smooth where ever it touches. It should not chaf or bind anywhere.

  1. Ankle Collar

The wrap that is there at the top of the opening of the shoes and it holds the heel down. It ensures that the heel is in correct place. There are some shoes that use thick padding while the others rely mainly on the shape. Pay attention if your heel is sleeping, and how the padding is interacting with the bones that is there at the side of the ankles. You should also check, if the curve that is there at the back irritates the Achilles tendon.

  1. Heel Counter

There is a semi-rigid cup that is layered inside the rearfoot and it supports and also cradles the heel. There are also some shoes that also have an external heel wrap that also serves very similar function. There are very few shoes that have eliminated the heel counter so as to allow complete freedom and movement.

If you keep the above points in mind, while buying running shoes, it will certainly benefit you.

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