This is how you look stylish like a Brit


Brits are stylish and many people want to look as stylish as the British. If you are interested to get some details about how the Brits can look stylish, you can go through the discussion in this article.

  1. Modern Heritage

If you want to look like a British, then your look should be quite smart and it should also include certain classic pieces. The best thing in which you can invest is a tailored suit. You can then pair it up with a trim blazer and there should be a pair of slim fitting jeans along with the trousers. One big garment will be enough. If you want to look like a proper British, there should be some visible quality on the show. If you want to avoid looking too much over the top,  you can wear a t shirt underneath a jacket.

  1. Classic British

Nothing is more British than the tweed jacket that can be worn with gray flannels or corduroys and also some sturdy brown brogues. This is the country kit of the British man. Moreover, it is also recommended that you have two looks about whether you are in the city or the country. For example, for the town, the prince of Wales suit that is cut in the manner of Savile Row is a classic. Similar is the case with the navy blue double breasted blazer. The covert coat is an item that is made especially for the country but this is more commonly worn in the urban environment.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that investing in a double-cuffed shirt, printed ties, monogrammed cuff links and also the printed ties to get a complete look.

  1. English Hipster

The British fashion does not always mean tailored suit and classic separates. The other side is the irreverence that also comes from the street, from the mods and the punks through to the current trends of the tattoos, beards and also the vintage clothing. These are less formal styles with certain pieces like the chunky white solo and a classic brougue, cuffs turned off and slim trousers or an oxford shirt with granded collar.

  1. The East Ender

London’s East End is a very fashionable neighborhood of the city and to look like a local you can opt for a Cliff Hunt, the head of the US buying. He recommends that you can wear a relaxed sharp jacket over a cashmere sweater along with a dress pant or the distressed jeans. It is also important to formalize the formality of the look with quite an English brouge boot with commando solo and also a pair with obligatory trilby.

  1. Contemporary Englishman

You can also combine the various elements of desperate styles to achieve the modern but classically British look. Hunt also suggests that you can update the classic English wool raincoat by layering it with a leather biker jacket also referred to as denim jacket. This is followed with a sweater that has an attractive and an irreverent print.  You can also add dress pants and casual trousers and bring the entire look together with a toe-capped dress shoe in quite a bold color.

Trying out the Brit look will certainly be a good idea.

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