What are the disadvantages of travelling?

What are the disadvantages of travelling?

Travelling gives entertainment. But at the same time, it has several drawbacks. So, before travelling to any place you should know the disadvantages as well. 

How can travelling prove to be a drawback for you?

Travelling also has several drawbacks. People many times didn’t pay notice of it. As we all know, travelling provides a source of entertainment. So, without any delay follow the article. In this article, we are going to describe the disadvantages of travelling.

    • Language problem: One of the main disadvantages that people face is language problems. If you are visiting outside of your country then others will not understand your language. Moreover, in some places, people do not speak English either. It creates a lot of problems. Other than that, if you have visited some tourist place then the guide might not understand your language. Where will you go? In that case, you have to arrange for an intermediary who can translate your language. It will be helpful for you. 
    • Expensive: Tourist places are very expensive. So, you have to be careful in this case. Whenever they see that you are a tourist then they will charge a great amount. Moreover, booking a hotel, food, and other details are very expensive. You have to keep enough money with you. However, money is not the saviour.
  • Motion sickness: In hill stations, many people feel motion sickness. So, many of them are unable to enjoy the journey. They feel nausea and vomiting. It destroys the journey. If you are travelling solo then there will be no one to help you. On the other hand, if you are travelling with a group then also others might feel irritated with your motion sickness. This is one of the greatest disadvantages of travelling. One should be careful about it. It creates disruptions.
  • Food habits: Food is one of the most essential items for all of us. Different places have different food habits. It creates problems, especially for vegetarians. For instance, a vegetarian person visited a non-vegetarian place. The person will find problems in eating meat and non-veg foods. That is all we need to take care of. It is always not possible to carry your food. It creates a major problem. 
  • Different weather: The sudden weather change can make you feel unwell. If you belong from a hilly area and you have visited plain land. Naturally, you will fall sick. On the other hand, if the opposite thing happens then also you will feel the same thing. However, medicines also didn’t work all time. Another major disadvantage is the time zone. This problem is mainly faced if you are travelling abroad. Every time you need to set the time. So, it creates a problem.


We have stated some of the important and major disadvantages of travelling. Those who are travel freaks can relate. However, if you have a desire to visit certain places then keep these things in your mind. We hope that this article will help you a lot.

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