Different and very unique culture of India

Unique cultures of India

India is such a big country so do its cultures. There are so many unique cultures of India that people are still following. We will discuss such cultures today.
India is very rich in culture. It is a diverse country and so does the culture. There are so many states present in India and each state has a different culture. Each region has a different culture too. There are some unique cultures which leave a remark on the whole world. These cultures are very famous among the whole world. Today we will discuss such cultures:

1. Greetings (Namaste)

Namaste is not only limited to the Hindu religion only. Once Barak Obama also greets the people by doing Namaste. It is written on our Vedas. Moreover, it is one of the five forms of getting someone. It means either “I bow to you” or “may our mind meets”. In addition, we can also take in the way of “nama”. It means that I am reducing my ego in your presence. To say Namaste to the next person we join our hands and slightly bend and say the word.

2. Join families

This is the culture since our ancient kings. All the members of the family (father, mother, children, grandparents) live together under the same roof. Doesn’t matter how big the children’s growth but they have to live with their parents. It helps to overcome the stress and anxiety of daily life. The join family tradition arises because of the cohesiveness of the Indian people. The culture is very lovely. Moreover, it helps to remain the love of families same.

3. Fasting for husband

It is a very unique culture of India. The married woman keeps the fast the whole day long for the long age of her husband. In addition, they don’t have to drink water the whole day. At night woman first, worship the moon and then her husband. After that husbands make the wives drink water with their hands. After this whole process, the fast is complete and women can eat food. This culture is known as Karwachawth. It comes once a year. Other than this Indian people also keep the fast for Goddesses and God. They believe that it kill their sins.

4. Arrange marriage

This is a very unique as well as pure culture at the same time. Parents arrange the marriage for their children. They choose their life partners. How strange it is? You have to spent your whole life with the person you never met. Earlier bride and groom directly meet at the marriage date. Now some westernization starts. Bride and groom start meeting each other before the wedding. However, this culture is diminishing day by day. People are becoming modern and they choose their life partners by themselves. India is also adapting the cultivation of love marriages day by day.

5. Atithi Devo Bhavah

It is a slogan that is the main mantra of the Indian people. It means that guests are like God to use. People in India welcome the guests like God. Guest have supreme respect in Indian culture. You cannot say anything wrong to the guests. People are still following this culture with all their hearts. These were the five unique cultures of India. These cultures are unique but very deep also. People of India still obey this culture with all their passion.

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