What are the cultural differences between India and Bangladesh?

cultural differences between India and Bangladesh

The cultural differences are not much in India and Bangladesh. However, if we notice it then we can see that both these countries have differences. Bangladesh shares some common culture with the people of West Bengal. However, both have certain limitations. 

Are There Any Cultural Differences Between India And Bangladesh?

Yes, there are several cultural differences between India and Bangladesh. Both are a little bit different. Bangladesh has a Muslim majority while Indians are a Hindu majority. We are going to give you some idea regarding the cultural differences.

  1. Bangladesh is the transit country for illegal drugs produced in neighbouring countries. It produces several drugs in its nearby countries. However, it made drugs illegal in its country. On the other hand, India is known as the world’s largest producer of illegal opium for the pharmaceutical read. Moreover, the government of India, that Bangladesh acknowledges dual citizenship. 
  2. Bangladesh is a small country. It consists of Muslims mainly Hindu minorities. Moreover, the main festival in the country is Eid. They celebrate it three to four times. On the other hand, India celebrates several festivals. There are many Hindu festivals. People of India love to participate in all these festivals. Moreover, Bangladesh didn’t allow idol worship. They worship Allah as their main God. However, in India, they follow idol worship. They worship and celebrates differently. After the functions, they offer prasad to others.
  3. There are cultural differences in the case of the military army. Bangladesh’s military branches include Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, and Bangladesh Air Force. On the other hand, India’s military branches include the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Moreover, India spends lots of money on military services. 
  4. The main language of Bangladesh is Bengali. However, they can also speak some Indian languages as well as English. In India, there are several languages. The dialects are also different. There is no main language in India. However, the majority speaks English and Hindi. 
  5. Bangladesh has the facility of Dual citizenship. However, it is only limited to certain circumstances. Those who have Bangladeshi origin and are citizens of Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States can apply their Dual Nationality Certificates. On the other hand, any aspect of dual citizenship is not recognized till now in India. However, the Indian government may think of dual citizenship later. 
  6. Bangladesh is a Muslim country. So they mainly follow the Muslim laws and regulations. The women have to follow certain restrictions. On the other hand, India is a secular country. It loves to welcome all types of religion. So, women can enjoy certain freedom. However, both countries are male-dominated societies. So in remote areas, women have to maintain certain rules and regulations. 


We have discussed some of the important facts about India and Bangladesh. The cultural differences of these two countries will always remain there. However, both countries maintain a strong and cordial relationship. They help each other in times of their need.

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