Different types of culture across the world

Types of culture

Culture word is not just the seven characters. It is a lot more than that. It has different types that we will discuss today. Culture can be of different types. Various factors sums up to make these factors.

The people, food, language everything combines to form the culture of any region. There are different types of cultures that everyone must know to connect to their roots. Today we will learn different types of culture. Moreover we will see how different aspects combine to form a particular type of culture. The list is present down below:

  • Culture of country

When you visit a new country there is a lot of similarities as well as dissimilarities among the people of both countries. The national language of the country represents the particular nation. The accent of that language helps to identify the country. Another example of country culture is how the people spend their time, energies and money. Then comes the fashion, etiquette as well as lifestyle of the people. Apart from this the history and religion are the back of the country’s culture. All these things combine to form the national culture.

  • Regional culture

After country there comes the regional country. The particular place where you are living has a different culture. For instance, we can take the example of America. The example of the regional culture of America includes the enjoyment of various sports like football, baseball, etc. The love of people for French fries and apple pie. However, the style of someone’s language speaks more about the regional culture. For example, different slang are there  to differentiate between different regions. People from one region like to eat fast food while another region prefers homemade healthy food. All these things make the regional culture of any place.

  • Diversity culture

Diversity means you are living in an area where people accept other people from different genders, colors, sexual orientations, etc. It reflects the diversity of your area. That means the culture of your area accepts the diversity among people. It includes various festivals as well as events from different regions. Multiple sports of different people, city staff, religious organizations, local businesses everything sums up to make diverse culture. There may be different languages that people are speaking in one place only. Moreover, there will be so many different thoughts and imaginations of different people. All these things sum up to make diverse culture.

These are the three basic types of culture. It is part of the culture word. Culture is nothing but the people only. People of any place make the culture or destroy it. Some people are more influenced by other cultures. Moreover, they are forgetting their roots and adapting the new cultures. Affinity for new cultures is absolutely fine. But don’t forget to remain connect to your roots. Never forget to carry forward your own culture. Remember that your old ones are, carrying these for so long. If you are liking other culture then don’t forget to stick to your culture also.

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