What are the cultural differences between India and the USA?

What are the cultural differences between India and the USA?

India and USA have great cultural differences. The first major difference is the time difference. However, the other criteria are also different. Many in Dan’s have gone there and settled. However, many Americans visited India for different purposes. 

Cultural variation between India and USA

Both cultures are entirely different from one another. However, American culture is a mixed one because various people come here. In the case of Indian culture, we can say that it is unique and has old values and norms.

  1. The major difference is that Indians are family-oriented. They value their family. Many Indian children don’t take jobs in other countries due to their families. They think that their closeness with the family will not be perfect. Moreover, Americans are very individual-oriented. From childhood, they live to think about their belongings. They know that they have to earn money and settle themselves in the future.
  2. On the other hand, we can say that American cultures are goal-oriented. Indians are more concerned for their people and family. It is hardly seen that an American is sacrificing their dreams for their families. But it is very common in India. The Americans know that they have to be successful in their life.
  3. Indians are harmonious in nature. However, Americans are dominating. They love to control nature as well as the environment. The same thing doesn’t go with Indians. We have seen that the Indian bosses understand the problems and feelings of the people. Americans are very tough and rough in their decisions. They don’t show mercy in anything.
  4. Let’s talk about other things. In India, there are the old norms of caste prevalence. Till now, the upper caste people hate the lower caste. In some villages, there are problems with caste. That is why Indians are considered to be superstitious. In American culture, racism exists. There are differences between blacks and whites. The blacks are always considered to be inferior. Their life is meaningless. That is why several Americans try to escape from these places. It is the hard reality of both places. 
  5. Another difference between Indian culture and American culture is stability and mobility. Indians love stability whereas Americans love mobility. This is the basic difference. However, American women are strong. Indian women are submissive. Indian women are trying to progress in life. However, things seem to be different for one another. 
  6. Another difference between the culture of America and India is the food habit. Indians love spicy food. On the other hand, Americans love non-spicy food. They love sandwiches, cake, etc. Indians eat rice, bread, spicy curry etc. So, the food habit is different from one another. 


There is a vast difference between Indian and American culture. It is not possible to clear all doubts in one article. However, we tried our best to give you an idea regarding the cultural differences between the two countries. Indians love to celebrate different festivals. On the other hand, Americans love to celebrate Christmas only.

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