Without these footwear wardrobe of men is incomplete

footwear wardrobe of men

Boys have less choices of clothes as well as shoes as compared to women. Still, there are some footwear that is a must for a man. Today we will discuss some of that footwear.

It is very important to have the right pair of shoes with every outfit. A pair of footwear has the power to make your outfit look either bomb or just a regular outfit. This rule applies to men as well. They already have very less options to wear. Still, there are many things to explore. Today in this piece of information we will discuss some of the footwear for men that are essential. Your every look can be complete if you own these pairs. Let’s start with the discussion now!

  • Chelsea shoes

Men are ditching the real formal shoes and wearing these instead. The pair of shoes is the perfect combination of modernity as well as formal mix. These are boots type of footwear which are pointed from the top. You can wear these shoes with every type of outfit from normal to formal. These are perfect for your Friday night party. You can buy brown shoes because they are more trendy as compared to classical black.

  • Leather boots

A men’s wardrobe can never be completed without a pair of leather boots. Thus the trend is still same from the years. If you invest in the good quality shoes that they will last for years. There are different colors available like brown, black, burgundy, etc. high ankle boots. You in your jeans inside those boots for more casual look or leave the bottom wear as it is for a more formal look. You can further choose different verities in this category like without lace, with lace, straps, high ankle, low ankle, etc.

  • White trainers

You cannot do a more casual look if you don’t have these pairs. White sneakers that are low top gives perfect street style look for men. You can style them with causal jeans and T-shirt as well as with a black coat and jeans look. They will slay anyhow. You can also create a monochromatic look with these pairs. From dhoti pants to regular trousers, these trainers look awesome with everything.

  • Loafer

The loafer is in the market for more than a decade now. It gives you a very formal as well as casual mix look. However, it gives a more casual vibe as compared to the formal. These are the perfect pair for the summer. You can pair these shoes with any Indian attire. Usually, men buy brown loafers but navy loafers also slay the show. Also, beige color’s loafers go perfectly with tanned skin.

These are the four pairs of sneakers that men should own. If you invest in good pair of shoes they will last for decades. Also, buy good quality shoes only. You should never compromise with the part of the shoe. Because a good pair of shoes is comfortable as well as looks stylish and perfect.

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